What Is All Candles?

I’m Kathy, a recently divorced go-getter trying to pick up the pieces and start a new life! I’ve been making candles as a hobby for several years in a DIY capacity and giving them to friends and coworkers as holiday gifts. They love them so much that I decided to start a business!

I live in a small town in Ohio but I’m hoping that my business will allow me to move out of this town where everybody knows everything about my marriage (eek!) to a big city like Milwaukee or Columbus so I can be anonymous for a while.

I’ve never lived in a big city before! But I’ve watched Sex and the City and Girls and I’m ready to have some freedom! I’m ready to try new things! I’m ready to live on my own!

What I thought was my life falling apart was really my life opening up!

On top of selling candles that I make in my studio, I want to help you open up your own life to this new hobby by sending out sample packs and hosting candle-making and wine-drinking tutorials. Please use the comments section to indicate interest and we’ll get a group together!